CJ 8 – Paint Mixing and Paint Storage Room

The Mixing & Storage Booth is equipped with a ventilation system which ensures a safe and harmonious storage and mixing environment.

It is equipped with an aeration system which exhausts gas and paint fog from the paint room. Fresh air is therefore exchanged into the room and air quality is improved.

The mixing and storage room can be equipped with a humidifier and air-conditioning system to ensure prolonged lifespan of the stored products, or to comply with a specific manufacturers specification.

Description Data
External Dimensions 5 380 mm (L) x 1 700 mm (W) x 2 400mm (H)
Internal Dimension 4 600 mm (L) x 1 600 mm (W) x 2 350mm (H)
Personnel Door Dimensions 650mm (W) x 1 800mm (H)
Wall Panels 50mm Insulated Panels
Lighting System 2 x Ceiling Light Fittings each with 4 x 36 W Tubes
Exhaust System 7 000 m³/h
Total Power Consumption .2 kW
Electrical Control System Included
Filtration System 2 Stage Filtration

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