CJ 1 IR Spray Booth

This CJ 1 IR Spray Booth comes with an Infra-Red Heating System perfect for drying of spray painted surfaces.

Description Data
External Dimensions 8 250 mm (L) x 4000 mm (W) x 3100 mm (H)
Internal Dimension 6900 mm (L) x 3900 mm (W) x 2650 mm (H)
Entrance Dimensions 3000 mm (W) x 2600 mm(H)
Personnel Door Dimensions 650 mm (W) x 1800mm (H)
Floor / Raised Base Built on Client's Floor (Level Slab Required)
Airflow Method Semi Down Draft – Cross Draft – Rear Extraction
Structural Material Manufactured from 50 mm EPS Insulated Panels
Ceiling Lights 8 x Fittings each with 4 x 36 W Fluorescent Tubes
Side Wall Lights N/A
Air System Location Rear
Intake System Natural Intake from Ceiling
Extraction System 1 x 5.5 kW Turbo Fan
Airflow Volume 18 000 m³/h
Power Requirements 32 kW @ 380V / 50 Hz / 3 Phase
Heating / Baking System 8 x Infra Red Heaters: Each with 3 x 1 kW Tubes
Filtration System 3 Stage: Pre Filter, Ceiling Filter, Fiberglass Final Filter

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