Model CJ 7 - C

This layout is ideal for sanding a vehicle, panel or item prior to being spray painted in your Spray Booth.

Description Data
External Dimensions 7 550 mm (L) x 3 550 mm (W) x 3 100 mm (H)
Internal Dimension 6 300 mm (L) x 3 450 mm (W) x 2 650 mm (H)
Plenum Dimension 6 300 mm (L) x 3 450 mm (W) x 450 mm (H)
Basement N/A - 2 x Rows of Pits Required (Client)
Structure Body
  • Rear Wall 50mm EPS
  • 3 x PVC Curtains for sides and front
Lighting Ceiling Lights: 8 Fittings – each with 4 x 36W Tubes
Filtration System
  • Pre-Filter
  • Ceiling Filter
  • Fibreglass Extraction Filters
Air Flow Volume 15 000 m³/h
Extraction Fan Motor 5.5 kW (Turbo Fan)
Power Supply 380V / 50 Hz / 3 Phase
Electrical Control Panel Included
  • This Preparation bay comes with PVC Curtains in the front and on both sides.
  • Lights are installed in the ceiling.
  • The preparation bay is equipped with ceiling filters which supplies filtered air to the preparation area.
  • The extraction system fitted at the rear and the airflow is down draft.
  • Additional civil work is required as the basement is sunken into the ground.
  • The CJ 7 C is equipped with floor filters to capture the dust particles during extraction or exhaust phase.
  • Supplied with 3m exhaust ducting.
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